Efficiency in Education

In the United States, public, charter, and private or independent K-12 schools are falling behind other government and charitable organizations in efforts to operate in an efficient paperless environment. Schools continue to utilize traditional, paper-based filing solutions despite the availability of sophisticated electronic filing solutions that are designed specifically for K-12 record management needs. Paper-based practices result in added time, space and money, all of which are in short supply within the nation’s schools but the initial cost of converting physical records keeps schools from implementing a digital record management solution.

The Efficiency in Education Foundation was created to help fund the initial conversion of paper records to digital format in K-12 schools.

The Efficiency in Education Foundation partners with Yellow Folder, LLC, the leading provider of electronic records management systems, to assist schools with converting to a paperless filing environment. The Foundation provides 60/40 matching grants to partially offset the cost of physical records digitization.

Efficiency in Education Foundation, helping to move your school to a paperless environment.