The Efficiency in Education Foundation received a cash donation of $1,000,000 on July 1, 2016 to support its mission of helping K-12 schools adopt a paperless environment. The foundation dedicates to use all cash reserves towards grants for qualifying organizations to fund the conversion of their physical Student Records, Special Education (Population) Records, Human Resource Records and/or Administrative Records to digital format.

  1. All awards are for 60% of the list price offered by Yellow Folder, LLC for the digital conversion of a box of paper records. Yellow Folder, LLC currently offers digital conversion at $99.99 per box. All awards are matching grants on a 60/40 basis. The Efficiency in Education Foundation awards are provided for 60% of the list cost, or $60.00 per box. The qualifying organization is responsible for 40% of the list cost of the digital conversion, or $39.99 per box.
  2. The Efficiency in Education Foundation awards grants to qualifying organizations, on a first come-first served basis, at 100% of the requested number of boxes, until all cash reserves of the foundation are extinguished. Applications received after the extinguishment of foundation funds will be denied.